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What is it?

A "web ring" or "net ring" is a group of web sites of a common interest that share a navigational banner including links to other similar sites. Web surfers looking for a particular subject can go from site to site on the subject without sifting through a search engine. Site members get links from other sites and more web hits to their own site.

In February 1999 the Underwater Photography WebRing was started on Webring.org. It grew to 170 members web sites by September 2000. All member sites must be about underwater photography or contain significant content on the subject. In September 2000 a second option was started on RingSurf.com Net Rings and this ring is named the Underwater Photo Ring. This was started in response to some major changes made when Yahoo purchased and integrated Webring.org in to the new Yahoo/Webring. The Yahoo ring has been eliminated and now all sites are on the ring hosted by ringsurf.com

Requirements for Web Site ring membership

bullet Amateur or Professional underwater photographers (photo galleries, stock photo, or sales sites).
bullet Sites offering hints, tips, tricks, or instruction on underwater photography and video
bullet Manufacturers or dealers of underwater cameras, housing, and accessories.
bullet Underwater photo tour operators, guides, etc.
bullet Underwater photographic societies or clubs.
bullet Underwater photographic and video competitions.
bullet Other sites deemed of interest to underwater photographers.
bullet All member site content must be suitable for any age (no adult content!).
bullet Sites not entirely dedicated to underwater photography must have the ring banners on pages that are on-topic.
bullet Sites must have the greater of 1 full page, or 25% of the site content related to underwater photography (as deemed by the Ring Manager).
bullet Also see Qualifications
See the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information on joining. 

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