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Join the Underwater Photo Ring

Step-by-step instructions

Before joining, you should have done the following. If you haven't, click the hyperlink and then return to this page. links below will open in a new browser window.

  1. Read the Qualifications for THIS ring.
  2. Have a web site up and running*.
  3. Have a working email address*.
  4. Know the URL (full web address) of the site AND page in which you intend to place the ring navigation banner*. 
  5. Save a banner image to upload to your web server.
  6. Submit your site here, or you can go the the site and join from this page.
  7. You will then be in the queue as an applicant.
  8. Edit your web page to include the HTML you were emailed, and see if it looks right.
  9. Email the Ring Manager and ask to be added to the ring.
  10. If the ring HTML is okay and you have met the qualifications, your site will be added to the ring.
  11. You're done. Enjoy being linked to many other sites on the subject of underwater photography. (more hits! - see member tools page for hit statistics)
(*you can change this later by editing your information)

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