A colorful display of Arowana food, including live insects, pellets, and vegetables.

5 Best Arowana Food: Recommendations for Healthy Feeding

Eager to provide optimal nutrition for your Arowana? Unsure about the best food options? Explore the 5 Best Arowana Food brands renowned for promoting the health and vitality of these majestic fish.

From nutrient-rich pellets to live foods like feeder fish, these choices cater to diverse dietary needs. Dive into our guide to ensure your Arowana receives the nourishment it deserves, fostering vibrant colors and robust growth in your aquatic showcase.

Quick Recommendations:

  1. Hikari Tropical Jumbo Carnisticks: Balanced diet with color-enhancing properties, convenient alternative to live food, some packaging concerns.
  2. Sera Arowana Floating Pellets: Complete diet rich in aquatic proteins and carotenoids, supports vibrant colors, may cause slight water discoloration.
  3. Northfin Arowana Formula Sticks: High-protein sticks for color enhancement and peak health, specifically for Arowanas and predatory fish, mixed reviews on fish acceptance.
  4. Northfin Arowana Formula Floating Pellets: High-protein diet with natural color enhancement, manufactured in a certified facility, some users report cloudy water.
  5. Toyuto Freeze-Dried Krill and Shrimp Mix: Premium, sustainable mix rich in protein and Omega-3s, no additives, strong smell may deter some pets.

Comparison Table: Best Arowana Food

Product NameImageKey FeaturesIdeal ForProsConsPurchase Link
Hikari Tropical Jumbo Carnisticks Floating Sticks Fish FoodHikari Tropical Jumbo Carnisticks Fish Food, 17.6 oz...Balanced diet, high carotenoids for color enhancementLarge top-feeding carnivores (Arowanas, Cichlids)Convenient alternative to live food, boosts natural colors, positive feedback on fish acceptancePackaging and shipment quality concernsCHECK PRICE
Sera 40012 Arowana Floating Pellets Fish Foodsera 400 Arowana 12.6 oz 1.000 ml Pet Food, One SizeComplete diet, rich in aquatic proteins & carotenoidsLarge carnivorous fishSupports vibrant colors, easily digestible, does not pollute waterSome customers reported water discolorationCHECK PRICE
Northfin Arowana Formula 1mm Sinking Sticks Fish FoodNorthfin Food Arowana Formula Sticks, 250 gHigh protein, enhances colorsArowanas and other predatory fishEnhances colors, high protein, suitable for Oscars and Parrot fishMixed reviews on fish acceptanceCHECK PRICE
Northfin Arowana Formula 3mm Floating Sticks Fish FoodNorthfin ArowanaHigh protein, natural color enhancementArowanas and predatory fishSignificant fish growth & color enhancement, no artificial additives, floating sticksSome users experienced cloudy water issuesCHECK PRICE
toyuto Freeze Dried Krill & Shrimp Mix for Arowana Foodtoyuto Premium Freeze-Dried Krill & Shrimp Mix Ideal...Premium quality, high protein & Omega-3, eco-friendlyArowana, Koi, Cichlids, TurtlesHigh-quality natural ingredients, convenient packaging, sustainable sourcingStrong smell may be off-putting to some petsCHECK PRICE

Understanding the Arowana Fish Diet: Feeding Guidelines for the Best Arowana Health

Arowana food and a healthy Arowana swimming nearby.
Arowana food and a healthy Arowana swimming nearby

Arowanas are carnivorous fish requiring high-quality proteins such as live foods, insects, small fish, and specially formulated pellets. To ensure a balanced diet, include a variety of proteins and greens. Establish a feeding schedule to prevent overfeeding, feeding adult Arowanas once or twice a day and younger ones more frequently.

How Can Proper Water Changes Improve Arowana Food Consumption and Health?

Proper water changes are vital for Arowana health. Using the best aquarium siphon for efficient water changes can remove toxins and maintain water quality, promoting their appetite and overall wellbeing. By ensuring clean, oxygenated water, Arowanas are more likely to consume their food and thrive.

5 Best Arowana Food

Best Arowana Food A selection of colorful and nutritious Arowana food options
A selection of colorful and nutritious Arowana food options

When it comes to feeding your Arowana, selecting the best food is crucial for their health and vitality.

Hikari, Sera, Northfin, and Toyuto are among the top suggestions for Arowana food.

These brands provide high-quality nutrition to sustain your Arowana’s well-being and vibrant colors.

1. Hikari

Hikari Tropical Jumbo Carnisticks

For Arowanas and other large top-feeding carnivores, Hikari offers a balanced diet with vibrant color-enhancing properties, formulated to be free of parasites and bacteria. High carotenoid levels boost the natural colors of your Arowana. This product is a convenient and nutritious alternative to live food, with positive feedback on fish acceptance and freshness.

Best For: Large top-feeding carnivores like Arowanas and Cichlids.


  • Balanced diet for larger fish
  • High carotenoid levels for vibrant colors
  • Convenient alternative to live food


  • Packaging and shipment quality concerns

2. Sera

Sera Arowana Floating Pellets

Sera floating pellets provide a complete diet rich in aquatic proteins and natural carotenoids for large carnivorous fish. These pellets support vibrant colors and are formulated not to pollute the water. Feed several times a day, providing only what they can consume within three minutes

Best For: Owners of large carnivorous fish seeking a complete diet rich in aquatic proteins and natural carotenoids.


  • Complete food with valuable natural carotenoids
  • Easily digestible floating pellets
  • Does not pollute the water


  • Some customers reported issues with water discoloration

3. Northfin

Northfin Arowana Formula Sticks

Catering specifically to Arowanas and other predatory fish, these sticks enhance colors and provide a high protein intake. Northfin’s formula supports vibrant coloration and peak health.

Best For: Ideal for fish owners looking to enhance the colors and provide a high protein intake for their Arowana and predatory fish.


  • Enhances fish colors
  • High protein intake
  • Suitable for Oscars and Parrot fish


  • Mixed reviews on fish acceptance

4. Northfin

Northfin Arowana Formula Floating Pellets

This high-protein diet enhances both health and colors without artificial additives. Manufactured in a certified facility, these 3mm floating sticks are perfect for species requiring increased protein intake.

Best For: Arowana owners seeking a high-protein diet with natural color enhancement for their predatory fish.


  • Significant fish growth and natural color enhancement reported by users.
  • Manufactured in a certified facility without artificial additives or hormones.
  • Floating sticks ideal for species requiring higher protein intake.


  • Some users experienced cloudy water issues.

5. Toyuto

Toyuto Freeze-Dried Krill & Shrimp Mix

A premium dietary option that excels in quality and sustainability, Toyuto’s mix is rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, free from additives, and sourced eco-friendly. This product is highly praised for its quality and effectiveness.

Best For: Arowana, Koi, Tropical Cichlids, and Turtles looking for a premium freeze-dried krill and shrimp mix high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.


  • High-quality and natural ingredients with no additives
  • Convenient high-capacity packaging for consistent feeding
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly sourcing


  • Strong smell may be off-putting to some pets


To wrap up, selecting the optimal food for your Arowana is crucial for their health and well-being. By grasping their diet and feeding guidelines, you can guarantee they receive the necessary nutrition they need to flourish.

Take into account the top suggestions for Arowana food indicated in this article to keep your fish content and robust for years to come. Happy feeding!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Arowana Fish Be Fed Live Food Such as Insects or Small Fish?

You can feed arowana fish live food like insects or small fish. This diet can mimic their natural feeding habits and provide essential nutrients. Just make sure that the live food is safe and free from harmful parasites.

How Often Should Arowana Fish Be Fed to Maintain Their Health?

You should feed your arowana fish once or twice a day to keep them healthy. Consistency is crucial for their well-being. Remember, overfeeding can lead to health issues, so keep an eye on their portions to maintain their vitality.

You should consider adding dietary supplements like vitamins and minerals to your arowana’s diet. These can help support their overall health and vitality, ensuring they thrive in their environment. Consult with a vet for specific recommendations.

What Are the Signs That Indicate an Arowana Fish Is Not Getting Enough Nutrition From Its Diet?

If your arowana fish isn’t receiving adequate nutrition, signs like decreased activity, loss of color, or fin deterioration may appear. Adjust its diet, consider variety, and monitor closely to guarantee your fish stays healthy.

Can Arowana Fish Be Fed Fruits or Vegetables as Part of Their Diet?

You can feed arowana fish fruits and vegetables occasionally, but remember their primary diet should consist of high-protein foods like live or frozen insects, shrimp, and fish. Balance is key for their overall health.

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