Vibrant betta fish among lush aquatic plants in an aquarium.

5 Best Live Plants for Betta Fish: Tank With Natural Beauty

Enhance your betta fish tank with vibrant live plants that not only add natural beauty but also offer hiding spots, natural filtration, and a healthy environment for your fish.

By selecting the best live plants for Betta fish for aesthetics and functionality, your betta fish aquarium will not only look beautiful but also provide a comfortable habitat for your fish.

Quick Recommendations:

  1. AquaLeaf Aquatics Java Fern: Enhances betta’s environment with low light adaptation, easy driftwood attachment, but mixed size feedback.
  2. AquaLeaf Aquatics Florida 10 Species Bundle: Diverse selection suitable for 10+ gallon tanks, natural filtration, attention to shipping conditions required.
  3. G'z Amazon Frogbit: No substrate/CO2 needed, nutrient removal benefits, with potential shipping delays.
  4. HIRO AQUATICS Floating Plant Combo: Fast-growing, easy-care, improves water quality, potential plant health/shipping issues.
  5. Marcus Fish Tanks Amazon Sword: Hardy, low-maintenance, acts as natural filter, live arrival except in cold weather.

Table Comparison: Best Live Plants for Betta Fish

Product NameImageKey FeaturesIdeal ForProsConsPurchase Link
Java FernJava Fern Bare Root | Microsorum Pteropus - Low Light...Low light freshwater aquarium plant, easy attachment to driftwood or rocks, blooms during winter and summer.Aquarium enthusiasts looking to enhance their Betta fish’s environment.– Natural resting and hiding spots.
– Easy aquascape design.
– Adds natural beauty.
– Mixed feedback on size and value.CHECK PRICE
AquaLeaf AquaticsFlorida 10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Bundle10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Bundle, grown in the US, suitable for 10+ gallon aquariums.Those seeking a vibrant and low-maintenance freshwater aquarium.– Diverse selection of species.
– Natural resting and hiding places.
– Quality assurance.
– Attention needed for weather conditions during shipping.CHECK PRICE
G'z Amazon Frogbit12 Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium Laevigatum), Live...Requires no substrate or CO2 supplementation, excellent at removing inorganic nutrients.Betta fish owners seeking an easy-to-maintain environment.– Minimal maintenance required.
– Nutrient removal benefits.
– Suitable cover for fry and shrimps.
– Shipping may be affected by temperature restrictions.CHECK PRICE
HIRO AQUATICS6 Mini Amazon Frogbit + 6 Water Spangles Combo, Betta...Combo of 6 Mini Amazon Frogbit + 6 Water spangles, suitable for shrimp, Betta, and shy fish setups.Enthusiasts looking for floating plants that improve water quality.– Adds natural beauty.
– Controls algae and absorbs harmful nutrients.
– Fast-growing and easy-care.
– Issues with plant health and delivery conditions reported.CHECK PRICE
Marcus Fish Tanks Amazon SwordMarcus Fish Tanks - 3X Amazon Sword Echinodorus Bleheri...Hardy, 7-12 inch plants that serve as natural filters, comes with water care instructions.Aquarists seeking low-maintenance plants that enhance tank aesthetics.– Hardy and low-maintenance.
– Act as natural filters.
– Enhances aquarium aesthetics.
– Live arrival guarantee excludes low temperatures.CHECK PRICE

Understanding the Importance of Live Plants for Betta Fish

Best Live Plants for Betta Fish

Live plants are critical for betta fish, providing numerous benefits for their habitat and overall health. Selecting plants for your betta fish tank involves choosing species that thrive in an aquatic environment.

Aquatic plants not only augment the tank’s aesthetic appeal, but also fulfill vital roles. They help maintain water quality by absorbing nitrates, ammonia, and carbon dioxide, which can harm your fish if not properly filtered.

Additionally, live plants provide shelter for bettas, reducing stress levels and encouraging natural behaviors like hiding and exploring.

5 Best Live Plants for Betta Fish

Graceful betta fish with java fern, anubias, water wisteria in a planted aquarium.

When choosing live plants for your Betta fish, consider popular options like Java Fern, AquaLeaf Aquatics, G’z, HIRO AQUATICS, and Marcus Fish Tanks.

These plants not only enhance the aesthetics of your tank but also provide hiding spots and resting places for your Betta to explore.

Incorporating these live plants can contribute to a healthier and more engaging environment for your Betta fish.

1. Java Fern

Java Fern

Java Fern, a low-light freshwater aquarium plant, provides natural resting and hiding spots for your finned friend. The AquaLeaf Aquatics Java Fern, pet-friendly and blooming in winter and summer, adds a touch of natural beauty to your tank. Suitable for aquariums of any size, this plant attaches easily to driftwood or rocks. It requires moderate watering and has a healthy root system, ensuring it thrives at a height of 10 inches.

Best For: Aquarium enthusiasts looking to enhance their Betta fish’s environment with a pet-friendly Java Fern that thrives in low light conditions.


  • Provides natural resting and hiding spots for fish and invertebrates.
  • Easy attachment to driftwood or rocks for versatile aquascape design.
  • Blooms during winter and summer, adding natural beauty to the aquarium.


  • Mixed feedback on size and value compared to local stores.

2. AquaLeaf Aquatics

AquaLeaf Aquatics

For betta fish enthusiasts seeking vibrant and low-maintenance live plants, AquaLeaf Aquatics offers an excellent selection. The Florida 10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Bundle includes easy-to-care-for species suitable for any freshwater tank.

Perfect for 10+ gallon aquariums, these plants not only provide natural resting and hiding spots for your fish and invertebrates but also contribute to creating a natural biological filter in your tank.

Best For: Those looking to create a vibrant and low-maintenance freshwater aquarium environment with natural filtration using a variety of easy-to-care-for live plants.


  • Offers a diverse selection of 10 species suitable for 10+ gallon aquariums.
  • Provides natural resting and hiding places for fish and invertebrates.
  • Grown in the US under strict aquatic plant standards for quality assurance.


  • Requires attention to weather conditions during shipping for live plant health.

3. G’z


Ideal for betta fish owners looking for easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal, G’z Amazon Frogbit plants offer both. Each order includes 12 plants with at least 3 leaves per plant, perfect for adding greenery to your tank. These plants require no substrate or CO2 supplementation, making maintenance a breeze.

Best For: Betta fish owners seeking an easy-to-maintain aquatic environment with added aesthetic appeal and nutrient removal benefits.


  • Requires no substrate or CO2 supplementation.
  • Excellent at removing inorganic nutrients.
  • Provides suitable cover for fish fry and shrimps.


  • Shipping may be postponed or canceled due to temperature restrictions.



HIRO AQUATICS is known for its combo of 6 Mini Amazon Frogbit + 6 Water spangles floating plants, ideal for shrimp, betta, and shy fish setups. These easy-care and fast-growing plants not only add natural beauty to your tank but also help maintain a healthy environment by absorbing harmful nutrients, controlling algae, and improving water quality.

Best For: Ideal for aquarium enthusiasts looking to enhance their Betta fish tank with easy-care, fast-growing floating plants that improve water quality.


  • Adds natural beauty to the tank
  • Helps maintain a healthy environment by absorbing harmful nutrients and controlling algae
  • Suitable for shrimp, Betta, and shy fish setups


  • Some customers may experience issues with plant health and delivery conditions

5. Marcus Fish Tanks

Marcus Fish Tanks

Improve your betta fish tank with the resilient and flexible Amazon Sword Echinodorus Bleheri plants from Marcus Fish Tanks. These 7-12 inch plants, typically around 9 inches, provide air purification and come with water care instructions. Marcus Fish Tanks guarantees live arrival, except in temperatures below 30F.

Best For: Aquarists looking for hardy, low-maintenance live aquarium plants that serve as natural filters and enhance the aesthetics of their tank.


  • Hardy and low-maintenance plants
  • Act as natural filters, absorbing excess nutrients
  • Enhance aquarium aesthetics and provide a healthy environment for fish


  • Live arrival guarantee excludes temperatures below 30F

How to Introduce Live Plants to Your Betta Fish Tank

Hand placing green Anubias in a betta fish tank.

To successfully introduce live plants to your betta fish tank, start by carefully selecting plants that are suitable for your tank environment. Follow these steps to guarantee a smooth integration:

  1. Preparing Your Betta Fish Tank for Live Plants: Confirm your tank has the right lighting, substrate, and water conditions for the plants to thrive.
  2. Steps to Introduce New Plants to the Tank: Gently remove the plants from their pots, rinse off excess soil, and plant them securely in the substrate, being mindful not to damage the roots.
  3. Monitoring Your Betta Fish’s Interaction with the New Plant: Watch your betta’s behavior around the new plants. Some bettas may nip at or uproot plants, so be ready to make adjustments if necessary.

Maintaining Aquatic Plants in Betta Fish Tanks

Close-up of betta fish tank with green plants and clear water.

Taking care of aquatic plants in your betta fish tank requires consistent attention and diligence to guarantee optimal health and growth. To make sure the best live plant for betta fish thrives in your tank, consider the specific needs of the plant species you have chosen. Some plants may require more light, while others may need additional nutrients or specific water conditions.

Regularly inspect the plants for any signs of discoloration, wilting, or algae growth, as these could indicate underlying issues that need to be addressed promptly. Essential planting techniques are crucial for the plants to establish themselves securely in the substrate of your fish tank.

Be mindful of overcrowding, as it can lead to competition for resources and hinder the growth of your aquatic plants. By maintaining a balance of light, nutrients, and space, you can create a healthy environment where your live plants and betta fish can thrive harmoniously.

Can Betta Fish Benefit from a Vegetable-Based Diet?

Betta fish can benefit from a vegetable-based diet, and the best vegetables for aquarium use are zucchini, cucumber, and peas. These veggies are high in nutrients and are easy for bettas to digest. Adding a variety of vegetables to their diet can help keep them healthy and vibrant.

Other Considerations in Creating a Comfortable Habitat for Betta Fish

Betta fish in decorated tank with green plants, hiding spot, stones, gentle flow.

When setting up a habitat for your betta fish, it’s essential to consider various elements beyond just live plants. To guarantee your betta fish thrives in a comfortable environment, consider the following:

  1. Balancing Act: Incorporate a variety of elements in your fish tank to strike a balance between the live plants and other necessities like hiding spots, substrate, and proper lighting. This balance is vital for the overall well-being of your betta fish.
  2. Best Live Plants: Choose the best live plants for bettas that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the tank but also provide hiding spots and resting areas for your fish. Plants like Java Fern, Anubias, and Amazon Sword are excellent choices for a betta fish habitat.
  3. Visually Appealing Habitat: Create a visually appealing environment by strategically placing live plants, decorations, and substrate in the tank. A well-designed tank not only looks beautiful but also promotes the health and happiness of your betta fish.


Overall, incorporating live plants into your betta fish tank not only enhances the natural beauty of the habitat but also provides numerous benefits for your fish.

From oxygenation to stress reduction, live plants are crucial for creating a comfortable and healthy environment for your betta.

By carefully selecting and maintaining the right plants, you can guarantee a thriving ecosystem for your beloved fish to enjoy.

So go ahead and add some greenery to your tank for a happy and vibrant betta fish!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Having Live Plants in a Betta Fish Tank?

Having live plants in a betta fish tank benefits both you and your fish. Plants provide oxygen, natural hiding spots, and reduce stress for your betta. They also help maintain water quality by absorbing nitrates and waste.

Can Live Plants Help Improve Water Quality in a Betta Fish Tank?

Live plants can definitely improve water quality in your betta fish tank. They absorb nitrates, produce oxygen, and create a more natural environment. Plus, they add beauty and provide hiding spots for your betta!

Are There Any Specific Live Plants That Can Help Reduce Stress in Betta Fish?

Looking to reduce stress in your betta fish? Consider adding plants like Anubias, Java Fern, or Amazon Sword to their tank. These live plants can provide hiding spots, oxygenate the water, and create a natural environment for your fish.

How Often Should Live Plants Be Pruned or Trimmed in a Betta Fish Tank?

In a betta fish tank, prune or trim live plants as needed to maintain a healthy environment. Regularly check for overgrowth, trim dead or yellowing parts, and keep an eye on plant growth to guarantee your tank stays balanced and thriving.

Are There Any Live Plants That Are Toxic to Betta Fish and Should Be Avoided?

When choosing live plants for your betta fish, steer clear of toxic varieties like peace lilies, pothos, and dieffenbachia. These can harm your fish if ingested. Stick to safe options like anubias, java ferns, and marimo moss balls.

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