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Can Amazon Sword Grow Out of Water: A Comprehensive Guide

Ever asked the question, ‘Can Amazon Sword grow out of water?’ They say curiosity killed the cat, but in your quest to understand how the Amazon Sword plant can grow, it’s your green thumb that stands to benefit.

In your home aquarium, you’ve likely seen the vibrant leaves of the Amazon Sword and pondered whether this healthy plant can actually grow out of the water in a different environment. With this plant care guide, you will discover that the Amazon Sword, a popular plant among aquarium hobbyists, has the potential to grow both submerged in soft to moderately hard water and emersed.

So, let’s embark on this journey together to uncover the conditions the Amazon Sword plant requires to break free from its underwater confines, and explore how you might leverage this knowledge to enhance the natural beauty of your aquatic space.

Key Takeaways

  • The Amazon Sword plant can grow to adapt to both submerged and emersed growth.
  • When the Amazon Sword plants successfully grow out of the water, they experience advantages like increased CO2 availability.
  • Emersed growth allows the Amazon Sword in an aquarium to fully express its natural size and shape, showcasing that the Amazon Sword plant is pretty versatile.
  • Flowering becomes a possibility for Amazon Swords that break the surface of the water – the Amazon Sword will make a great addition to any aquarium with its potential to flower.

Understanding Amazon Sword: An Essential Aquatic Plant

Amazon Sword plants in a home aquarium

Aquarists take pride in the Amazon Sword plant, Echinodorus grisebachii, renowned for its lush green leaves and robust root system, an indication that this healthy plant is pretty easy to care for. The Amazon Sword is a great and resilient species, that can adapt to various conditions within an aquarium, confirming that this sword plant is pretty easy to grow.

In its native habitat, the Amazon River basin, the Amazon Sword in an aquarium enjoys being in slow-moving waters with a pH level it prefers. This advantage, coupled with the plant’s adaptability, makes it perfect for larger aquariums where it can spread its roots into the plant substrate, thriving in soft to moderately hard water.

Not only does the Amazon Sword enhance the visual appeal of an aquarium, but it also fulfills a crucial role in the ecosystem by extracting oxygen from the water and maintaining the water quality.

Detailed Guide on How to Grow Amazon Sword

Can Amazon Sword Grow Out of Water featuring a home aquarium

Now that you’re familiar with the resilience and versatility of Amazon Sword plants, let’s explore the steps you’ll need to ensure they thrive in your aquarium.

Growing this plant is a straightforward process that grants you the freedom to create a lush underwater landscape with minimal maintenance.

First, consider the substrate. Amazon Sword plants need a nutrient-rich base to anchor their roots and support growth. Use a specialized aquarium soil or opt for a layering technique, with a nutrient-rich bottom layer capped by gravel or sand to prevent the nutrients from leaching into the water.

Here’s a quick list to guide you:

  1. Choose the Right Substrate: Aim for a depth of about 2-3 inches of nutrient-rich substrate to promote root development.
  2. Provide Adequate Lighting: Amazon Swords require moderate to high lighting, so invest in a quality LED aquarium light to ensure your plant gets the energy it needs.
  3. Maintain Optimal Water Conditions: Keep the water temperature between 72-82°F and maintain a pH of 6.5-7.5 for the best growth conditions.

Once you’ve laid the substrate, gently plant the Amazon Sword, ensuring the crown (where the leaves meet the roots) is above the substrate level to avoid rot. After planting, it’s all about maintaining the right environment. Fertilize regularly with root tabs or liquid fertilizers, especially if you notice any yellowing leaves, which indicate a nutrient deficiency.

Your Amazon Sword needs space to grow, so avoid overcrowding your water tank. A larger tank not only accommodates their size but also gives you the freedom to experiment with different layouts and companion plants. Remember, the Amazon Sword’s adaptability is your ally, allowing you to create an aquatic haven that’s both captivating and easy to manage.

Insights into Amazon Sword Care and Maintenance

Amazon Sword plant half-submerged in wate

To ensure your Amazon Sword thrives, incorporate routine aquarium care practices, including regular water changes and monitoring water parameters. You’ll want to keep the water fresh and balanced—not just for your plant’s health, but for your fish friends, too. Frequent water changes rid the tank of toxins and replenish vital nutrients, something your plant will thank you for.

Next, keep an eye on your Amazon Sword’s growth. It’s a robust plant, but even the mighty need a trim now and then. Pruning isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about preventing rot and keeping your plant in top shape. Snip off any yellow or damaged leaves at the base to encourage new growth.

Freedom from pests and diseases is crucial for your Amazon Sword’s well-being. Be vigilant and act swiftly at the first sign of trouble. Algae can be a nuisance, competing with your plant for nutrients. If you spot any, gently wipe the leaves with a soft cloth. For more stubborn issues like snails or plant diseases, you might need to seek out treatments that won’t harm the rest of your aquatic community.

Amazon Sword Growth Beyond Submersion: Can it Grow Without being Fully Submerged?

a thriving Amazon Sword plant partially submerged

While you keep your Amazon Sword in top condition underwater, you might wonder if it’s capable of thriving above the surface too. And you’re in luck because the Amazon Sword plant is quite the adventurer. It doesn’t just survive out of water; it can flourish.

Embracing the spirit of freedom, let’s explore the possibilities:

  1. Adaptability: Amazon Swords are amphibious plants, meaning they can adapt to both submerged and emersed growth. This trait allows them to seamlessly transition from underwater foliage to an emersed form if given the right conditions.
  2. Aerial Advantage: Growing above water can offer your plant some serious perks. There’s more CO2 available in the air, which can boost photosynthesis. Plus, it can avoid algae competition and fully express its natural size and shape.
  3. Frequent Fliers: For Amazon Swords that break the water’s surface, flowering becomes a reality. While it’s a rare sight underwater, emersed plants can produce lovely inflorescences that add an extra layer of beauty to your setup.

To achieve this growth without full submersion, consider these tips:

  • Provide a humid environment to prevent the leaves from drying out.
  • Ensure the roots still have access to water or a moist substrate.
  • Maintain a strong lighting setup to compensate for the loss of water’s light magnification effect.

Can Amazon Sword Plants Survive being Partially Submerged in Water like Axolotls?

The axolotl water truth about Amazon Sword Plants is that they can indeed survive being partially submerged in water, much like axolotls. These aquatic plants thrive in various water conditions and can adapt to different water levels, making them compatible companions for axolotls in an aquarium setup.

Appreciating the Benefits of Amazon Swords in Your Aquarium

Amazon Sword plants in a small aquarium ith different types of fish

Aquarium enthusiasts will find the Amazon Sword plant an exceptional addition, not only for its biological benefits such as algae control and oxygen enrichment but also for its lush aesthetic appeal. You’ll love how this plant keeps your tank’s ecosystem balanced, naturally fending off unwanted algae while boosting the oxygen levels, which is essential for your aquatic pets.

Moreover, the Amazon Sword plant provides a sanctuary for your fish and invertebrates. They’ll relish the shelter and breeding grounds amidst its foliage. Embrace the freedom to create a thriving underwater world, where the beauty and health of your aquarium coexist, thanks to the versatile Amazon Sword.

Best For: Aquarists looking to enhance their tank’s environment with a versatile and beneficial plant that improves water quality and provides aesthetic and structural enrichment.



  • Requires a larger tank due to its potential size, which may not suit smaller aquarium setups.


You’ve got the know-how to make your Amazon Sword thrive, both underwater and above. With the right substrate, lighting, and care, it’ll grow lush and vibrant in your aquarium.

Remember, it’s not just about submersion; this plant can grow healthy and flourish with its leaves in the air, too. Embrace the benefits it brings to your aquatic haven.

Now, go on and witness the transformation—your Amazon Sword is ready to reach new heights, quite literally!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Amazon Sword plant?

An Amazon Sword plant, also known as spade-leaf sword plant, is a popular aquarium plant native to the Amazon basin. It is characterized by its long, pointed leaves and is a favorite among aquarium enthusiasts for its ease of care and ability to grow well in fish tanks.

How should I care for my Amazon Sword plant?

To care for your Amazon Sword plant, place it in a substrate like aquarium gravel, provide it with a weekly water change and keep the plant roots covered. Maintain a pH level suitable for the plant, and ensure it is planted in a nutrient-rich environment for healthy growth.

Can Amazon Sword plants grow in different water levels?

Yes, Amazon Sword plants can adapt to different water levels. They can grow both submerged and partially emerged, with their leaves above the water surface.

What are the ideal conditions for growing Amazon Sword plants in an aquarium?

Amazon Sword plants grow well in an aquarium with a substrate, suitable water pH, and regular maintenance. They are popular as background plants and are known for their ability to thrive in a variety of water conditions.

How do I ensure my Amazon Sword plant grows successfully?

To ensure the successful growth of your Amazon Sword plant, provide it with a nutrient-rich substrate, maintain the water pH, and ensure the plant roots are covered. Regular maintenance and care will help the plant thrive in an aquarium environment.

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