attachment of pothos plant to aquarium top using fishing line.

How to Hang Pothos in Aquarium: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s talk about the process of hanging Pothos in an aquarium. It’s crucial to make sure the plant is positioned correctly to thrive in its aquatic environment. But have you ever wondered about the specific steps needed to achieve this?

Well, get ready to learn How to Hang Pothos in Aquarium, allowing it to flourish and contribute positively to your tank’s ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

  • Clean Pothos roots before hanging in the aquarium.
  • Position the plant where roots are submerged but leaves remain above water.
  • Secure the plant firmly to prevent dislodging.
  • Monitor roots to prevent overcrowding and rot.
  • Regularly check and maintain plant health and water quality.

Understanding the Benefits of Incorporating Pothos in Aquariums

How to Hang Pothos in Aquarium
Person securing pothos plant in water filled aquarium with instructions

Incorporating Pothos in aquariums brings numerous benefits, including enhancing aesthetics and contributing to the ecosystem’s balance. This versatile plant adds a pop of greenery and helps maintain a healthy environment for your aquatic friends by absorbing nitrates and other harmful compounds.

Apart from this, Pothos releases oxygen as it photosynthesizes, creating an oxygen-rich environment for your fish. Known for its low maintenance, Pothos is an ideal choice for both beginner and experienced aquarists.

Selecting the Right Pothos Plant for Your Aquarium

Person comparing various pothos plants for aquarium selection.
Person comparing various pothos plants for aquarium selection

When selecting a Pothos plant for your aquarium, consider factors such as size, growth habits, and compatibility with aquatic environments. Pothos plants are popular due to their hardy nature, attractive vine growth, and ability to thrive in aquatic conditions.

Factors to ConsiderDescription
SizeChoose a Pothos plant that fits the size of your aquarium and leaves enough space for your fish to swim freely.
Growth HabitsLook for a Pothos variety with trailing vines that can hang gracefully from the top of your aquarium.
CompatibilityEnsure the Pothos plant can withstand occasional splashes of water and high humidity levels.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Hanging Pothos in Your Aquarium

Hand hanging pothos strands in aquarium.
Hand hanging pothos strands in aquarium

After selecting the right Pothos plant for your aquarium, the next step is to prepare it for hanging in the tank. To hang your Pothos in the aquarium, you’ll need to think about a few techniques to guarantee a secure attachment.

  1. Start by cleaning the roots of the Pothos plant thoroughly to remove any soil residue, as this can cloud the water in your aquarium.
  2. Next, choose a suitable spot in your tank where you want to hang the Pothos. You can use suction cups, fishing line, or plant weights to secure the Pothos in place.
  3. When hanging the Pothos, make sure the roots are submerged in water while the leaves are above the surface to prevent rotting.
  4. Secure the plant firmly to avoid it floating around the tank.

Properly hanging your Pothos in the aquarium not only adds a beautiful touch but also helps in maintaining water quality by absorbing excess nutrients.

Monitoring and Maintaining Your Pothos Plant in the Aquarium

Maintaining pothos in aquarium with root trimming and health checks.
Maintaining pothos in aquarium with root trimming and health checks

Regular monitoring and maintenance are key to ensuring the health and growth of your Pothos plant. Check for signs of an unhealthy plant such as yellowing leaves, stunted growth, or root rot.

Monitor the water quality and ensure the aquarium’s filter is functioning correctly. Regularly inspect the roots of the Pothos plant to ensure they’re healthy and not overcrowding the aquarium.

Can Hanging Pothos Help Reduce Hardness in Aquarium Water?

The hanging pothos plant can play a role in adjusting aquarium water hardness. As the plant absorbs minerals from the water, it can help reduce the hardness levels, making it a natural and effective way to create a more suitable environment for aquatic life.

Optimizing Aquarium Conditions for Pothos Growth

Hand securing pothos to aquarium edge, focusing on submerged roots and free leaves.
Hand securing pothos to aquarium edge focusing on submerged roots and free leaves

Enhance Pothos growth by adjusting the light, temperature, and pH levels to meet the plant’s specific needs. Pothos thrives in indirect light and a temperature range of 60°F to 85°F. Adjusting the pH level between 6.1 and 6.5 will create a suitable environment for the plant to flourish.

Regular water changes and proper filtration help maintain a healthy balance for both the plant and the aquatic inhabitants.


To sum up, hanging Pothos in your aquarium can bring numerous benefits. These include improving water quality, providing a natural habitat for aquatic creatures, and adding a touch of greenery to your tank.

By following the step-by-step guide provided, you can successfully incorporate Pothos into your aquarium and enjoy a thriving aquatic environment.

Remember to monitor and maintain your plant regularly to guarantee its growth and longevity in your aquarium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hang pothos in an aquarium?

Yes, pothos can be a wonderful addition to an aquarium as it helps in natural filtration and provides a great environment for aquatic plants and fish.

How far away from the filter should I place the pothos plant?

It is recommended to keep the pothos plant away from the filter to avoid any clogging issues and to allow the plant to grow properly.

Why is pothos considered an excellent aquarium plant?

Pothos is considered excellent for aquariums as it helps in removing harmful compounds from the water, such as nitrates, providing a healthier environment for fish.

How do I hang a pothos plant in an aquarium?

You can use a basket or a holder to hang the pothos plant in the aquarium, making sure it is secure and won’t fall into the water.

Can pothos plants help to reduce algae growth in an aquarium?

Yes, pothos plants can aid in reducing algae growth by absorbing excess nutrients in the water that would otherwise promote algae development.


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